Exposição Ofisuka 2068 – Imaginando um Futuro do Trabalho


Imagine if all jobs were hyper-creative? And if all jobs were part-time? And if you just worked on what you really enjoyed? And if you could delve deeper into your mind? The Museum of Tomorrow, managed by the IDG – Institute for Development and Management will open its new exhibition Ofisuka 2068 – Imagining the Future of Work and invites visitors to
discover a possible future for their professional life 50 years ahead of time. This future, in particular, was conceived by the designers from the Instituto Europeo di Design (IED), by the team of the Laboratório de Atividades do Amanhã | LAA, a space offered by the Santander Bank, and by young people, who will witness this future, in which, it is estimated that 65% of the children who are presently in Elementary School will perform activities which as of yet do not exit.

During this exhibit, visitors will encounter a large Ofisuka (a word that translates as home-office in Japanese), it is a versatile environment intermingling work and collaborative interaction, in which the exhibition curators believe will be very popular come 2068.  Conversely to this trend to excessively use virtual environments, the Ofisuka is a space of work where people will be able to move to for some time in order to develop projects, tasks or specific tasks.


The methodology used in the creation of the exhibit was based on the discipline “Future Studies” which aid in the development of strategies, public policies, and of new products and services which will influence possible new futures.  The exercise involved the analysis of signals of change and their implications in time and in various social, cultural, environmental levels as well as in business. 


The exhibit will present some possible new professions such as: the Onironauta (miners of raw onirica matter), Pensigner (thought designers), which enable hyper-creativity of a future marked by the union of technology, people, nature and society and which will enable new ways to get organized, interact and consume. Therefore, knowledge in design, psychology, Mathematics, Neurobiology, Philosophy and Meditation will be important for the professionals of the future.


The Ofisuka 2068 exhibit – Imagining the Future of Work, in partnership with the designers from the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), will continue up until December.


Published on 17/09/2018