The IDG is essentially a house of partnerships, serving as an ally to individuals, companies, and institutions that wish to undertake cultural and environmental projects with social, cultural, and environmental impact, but require expertise in project conception, implementation, fundraising, compliance with incentive laws, and management.

Currently, IDG manages several projects, including the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro; Paço do Frevo in Pernambuco, Museum of Favelas in São Paulo, Atlantic Forest Fund in Rio de Janeiro, and restoration works in the Valongo Wharf Archeological Site in Rio de Janeiro. Additionally, IDG was responsible for the curatorial conception and implementation of the Memorial to the Victims of the Holocaust in Rio de Janeiro. Throughout these projects, IDG collaborates with sponsors such as Santander, Shell, Engie, IBM, Grupo Globo, Americanas, State Grid Brazil, among others.

Support for IDG's cultural facilities can be provided through public investment, incentive laws, private sponsorship, and individual donations in a shared responsibility framework.

If you wish to become a partner, you can reach out to: