Contract with the Futurium Museum

Henrique Oliveira, Diretor Executivo, Museu do Amanhã | IDG, Alexandre Fernandes, Founding Director da MOTI Foundation, Stefan Brandt, CEO do Futurium e Nicole Schneider, COO do Futurium.


The IDG – Institute for Development and Management, which is already at the helm of the management of major cultural and environmental outfits, such as the Museum of Tomorrow, in Rio de Janeiro, and the Paço do Frevo, in Recife, has just signed an agreement contract with the Futurium Museum, in Berlin.


The partnership broadens the exchange of experience between the two countries and previews the exchange of contents and exhibitions to expand the operation of the newest cultural space in Germany; its inauguration is due to take place in the first semester of 2019.


Futurium is a private-public initiative of the German government, alike the Museum of Tomorrow, it brings together scientific and cultural institutions from all over the world to discuss our future from the standpoint of the planet’s sustainability and people’s interaction.


Thereby the IDG is a reference in the articulation and development of new museums, in the establishment of historical and cultural heritage projects and in the production of exhibitions. Its management model is innovative and uses the best technology resources and knowledge practices in order to guarantee the efficiency of results for its projects.


It is not by chance, it is interesting to observe, at the same time we become partners with a museum which is yet to open its doors, we already have established partnerships with institutions which are older than ourselves, such as the Science Museum, in London, an institution of 161 years, which considers the partnership with the IDG as an unprecedent scientific cooperation exchanging good practices with a relatively young museum, such is the case with the Museum of Tomorrow.


Published on  28/09/2018