The Museum of the Favelas announces the July schedule

The Museum of the Favelas, an institution of the Department of Culture, Economy, and Creative Industries of the State of São Paulo, presents its July program, already in a vacation atmosphere, celebrating the Month of the Black Latin American and Caribbean Woman in its activities.

To brighten up the vacation period, the Museum of the Favelas will hold another edition of the event "Di Quebradinha". Throughout the season, the Ludic Caravan of World Games, recognized for its important research on traditional games, will be present to invite the public to play and interact with each other, using only projects built with reused wood. Game rounds will take place on Sundays, from 2 pm to 5 pm. Between July 11 and 21, except for Mondays, there will be two daily rounds, from 10 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm.

With the aim of promoting a unique and playful connection between people, especially parents, mothers, and children, storytelling sessions will be held on July 9 and 23, with Wevs and Isart. Entitled De Passinho em Passinho (Step by Step), the workshop will guide participants through different spaces in the museum, providing learning through dances and rhythms. The story will be told in sign language and Portuguese, encouraging body communication and tactile, visual, and auditory accessibility.

On Thursdays, July 13 and 20, there will be virtual mediations called Artistas da Periferia (Peripheral Artists). In these meetings, Kissy Luan, an educator from the museum, will promote reflections on the relationship between art and the periphery, highlighting examples of collectives, artists, and poets from the community, in order to explore the construction of poetic narratives and the possibilities of occupying territories through the body and artistic work.

On the 15th, the Museum will host a July Festival, integrating the emblematic initiative "Festa de Favela" (Favela Festival), which takes place every second Saturday of the month. On this occasion, there will also be the launch of five unpublished titles by authors Márcio Costa, Capitu, Shirley Pereira, Rodrigo Mendonça, and Daniel Zóia, resulting from a partnership between the Museum of the Favelas and the Câmara Periférica do Livro - Editora e Selos Editoriais das Periferias de São Paulo (Periphery Book Chamber - Publisher and Editorial Seals of São Paulo's Peripheries).

The virtual exhibition "Favela-Raiz," a manifesto occupation, will also be launched. The temporary exhibition "Favela-Raiz" has been transported to the virtual environment and is a highlight of the day. Now, the exhibition can be enjoyed through the Google Arts and Culture platform worldwide. The manifesto occupation, which marked the opening of the Museum of the Favelas on November 25, 2022, is composed of five parts - three internal and two external - as a symbol of tribute to traditions, ancestry, motherhood, material and affective shelters that involve the inhabitants of the favela and everything that has been sown and harvested there.

"The virtual exhibition on Google Arts and Culture is an excellent opportunity for people who cannot visit the Museum of the Favelas in person to get to know the works of its first temporary exhibition, 'Ocupação manifesto: Favela-Raíz'. Instead of describing what is exhibited in the museum to this audience, we can now demonstrate through photos, videos, and give greater visibility to different artists, from various languages, that make up the exhibition. This is excellent, especially for people in other states and even other countries, as the exhibition is also entirely available in English," highlights Renata Furtado, coordinator of the Centro de Referência, Pesquisa e Biblioteca das Favelas (CRIA) (Center of Reference, Research, and Library of the Favelas).

On Saturday (22), the room with the installation "Visão Periférica" (Peripheral Vision) will host the premiere of "O Baile tá ON" (The Party is ON) with mediation by educator Fabin Santin. The event, scheduled for 3 pm, will consist of a conversation and a pocket show with Tonyyymon, a multi-artist from the Jacó favela in the East Zone, who brings an urban and contemporary language to his work. "O Baile tá ON," a chat for the activation of the museum's exhibition spaces, comes to show other perspectives of the works exhibited there and how they can create dialogues with contemporary artists.

As part of the Latinidades Festival, the Museum of the Favelas will host the "Fórum Estadual de Mulheres no Hip Hop" (State Forum of Women in Hip Hop). Scheduled to take place on July 23, from 10 am to 6 pm, in the Multiuso Room and in the Garden, the initiative proposes debates, workshops, and roundtable discussions.

On Friday (28), researcher Lívia Lima da Silva will be present at the first edition of "Pesquisa de Cria" (Creation Research), which aims to encourage academic production by students from São Paulo's peripheries and favelas. Organized by the Centro de Referência, Pesquisa e Biblioteca (CRIA) (Center of Reference, Research, and Library) of the Museum of the Favelas, the intention is to promote monthly meetings for these young researchers to present their complete or ongoing works to peers and the interested public. The first meeting will feature the presence of Lívia Lima da Silva, who will present the research "A literatura fora do lugar: a constituição de poetas e escritores nos saraus das periferias de São Paulo" (Literature out of place: the constitution of poets and writers in the peripheries' literary gatherings in São Paulo). Lívia Lima is a journalist and master in Cultural Studies. She was a reporter, editor, and one of the founders of the Agência Mural de Jornalismo das Periferias (Mural Agency of Journalism of the Peripheries), where she currently works as an editorial consultant. She is also a co-founder and institutional director of Nós, mulheres da periferia (We, Women of the Periphery).

The master's dissertation investigates processes that are at the origin of the involvement of individuals from cultural literature groups in the peripheries of the city of São Paulo.

On Saturday (29), there will be a roundtable discussion "Papo Reto" (Straight Talk) with Danielle Almeida, a consultant specialized in diversity and inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean. The debate aims to discuss the relationship between racial, class, gender, and sexuality issues in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.

In order to keep the Museum in motion, a great novelty is the exhibition activation of the Museum of the Favelas at the first nerd convention of the peripheries, "PerifaCon," which takes place on July 30, from 10 am to 10 pm. Visitors will find on the second floor of the Centro de Formação Cultural Cidade Tiradentes an exhibition consisting of panels that bring texts, videos, images, and poems about the creation process of the Museum of the Favelas. Admission is free, and registrations must be made through the website