The Museum of Favela announces a project to promote conscious consumption and the full utilization of food

The Museum of Favela, an institution under the Department of Culture, Economy, and Creative Industry of the State of São Paulo under the management of IDG, is pleased to announce the "Xepa: Favela, Food, and Sustainability" project, sponsored by the Extra supermarket chain through the GPA Institute. This initiative aims to encourage conscious consumption of healthy food and the preparation of sustainable meals in Brazilian peripheral communities. The project, which is entirely free, will run until November 5th, always on Sundays at 11 AM, at the Estouro Auditorium. To participate, interested individuals must pre-register on the Museum of Favela website.


There will be a total of six meetings featuring expert guests who will lead discussions and demonstrative cooking classes designed to teach how to make the most of all food resources. During these lectures, which will accommodate up to 50 participants, topics such as the emotional memory of cuisine, ancestral knowledge of the land, children's nutrition, Afro-Brazilian gastronomy, and the sacred aspects of food will be addressed. It will also explore alternative paths through vegetarianism and the cuisine of those fighting against hunger.


"The issue of hunger and food insecurity is still a problem in our country, particularly in favelas, villages, and peripheral areas where the impact is greater. This project aligns with the Favela Museum's pillars of working with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focusing on anti-racist policies, equity, and the strengthening of social entrepreneurship," commented Carla Zulu, Coordinator of Institutional Relations and the Entrepreneurship Center at the Museum of Favela.


Christiane Cruz Citrângulo, Marketing Director of GPA, the group that controls Extra, emphasized the importance of the company's support for the project. "Extra advocates the importance of providing everyone with access to good food at a fair price. Sponsoring this project by the Favela Museum is very significant and reinforces how much the brand cares about accessibility for safe, healthy, and increasingly sustainable food."


According to Renata Amaral, Sustainability Manager at GPA and the GPA Institute, combating food waste is a priority theme within the company. "The partnership with the Favela Museum is part of an ongoing program developed at GPA to reduce food waste, covering everything from store supply to consumer awareness. Our purpose is to nourish dreams and lives, and projects like this reinforce that we are on the right path," she emphasized.



Xepa: Favela, Food, and Sustainability

Registration is free. To participate in the activities, pre-registration is required for each of the meetings. Spaces are limited. The meetings will be broadcast live on the Museum of Favela YouTube channel. Sign language interpreter available.


Check the complete schedule on the Museum of Favela website.