Paço do Frevo celebrates National Frevo Day

With a gathering of giants. This is how the Paço do Frevo celebrated the National Day of Frevo, last Thursday (14). The Homem da Meia-Noite  and the Cariri Olindense staged a parade in the streets around the Museum, to the sound of the orchestras of the conductors Carlos and Oséas. The celebration also marked the beginning of the celebrations of the ten years of the Museum in 2024, and was attended by the Bloco da Saudade , and the Orchestra of Maestro Bozó


Throughout the day, the Frevo Safeguarding Reference Center offered a special program with free admission for the audience, who were able to participate in Doses de Frevo, a special edition of the already known mediated visits, as well as dance classes.


"On the National Day of Frevo, we celebrate the beginning of the celebrations of the ten years of the Paço de Frevo. It is true that only in February 2024 our Frevo Safeguarding Reference Center of the intangible heritage of humanity celebrates its first decade of activity, but our celebration began in style with this gathering of giants: the Bloco da Saudade  receiving the Homem da Meia-Noite and the Cariri Olindense. For us, it is an immense joy and a blessing... As if King Momo blessed us to pursue more and more of our purpose – which is to keep frevo alive on the street. Always! And every day," celebrates Luciana Félix, director of the Museum.


"A heritage that is of the world, always opening wings for unforgettable encounters, writing history - and also reinventing it. Frevo is like that. Ours and humanity's, our sister cities, the streets and the people. There should be no lack of celebrations for this plural manifestation, in rhythms, dance steps and chords, but also unique in the resistance and in the place it occupies in each heart of Recife. Frevo has the strength and vitality to make the re-debut, at any time, of all carnivals. Gathering, joining, showing that our party is, in fact, more than a fraternization, it is a joyful celebration of life,” says the Secretary of Culture of Recife, Ricardo Mello.


Frevo is a manifestation with the privilege of having double celebration, with two major reference dates. In addition to the famous February 9 for Pernambuco, there is the national date of September 14, instituted in 2009. And what is the difference between these two days? February 9 marks the first record of the word "Frevo", found in 1907 by historian Evandro Rabelo. It was in the Jornal Pequeno, from Recife, one of the great newspapers of the time, when reporting the carnival program of several associations. September 14, which also refers to the press, honors the birth of journalist Osvaldo de Almeida, who contributed significantly to the circulation of the word "Frevo" in the media.