Françoise Vergés and Erica Malunguinho discuss culture, feminism, and decoloniality at the Museum of Tomorrow

On October 10th at 7 PM, the Museum of Tomorrow will bring together Françoise Vergés, a political scientist, historian, activist, and specialist in postcolonial studies, and Erica Malunguinho, an educator, visual artist, and the first transgender deputy elected in Brazil, for a discussion on new ways of thinking about gender, culture, and feminism. The event, which is free and open to the public, is part of the "Encontros Para o Amanhã" program, supported by the Embassy of France in Brazil, and it brings experts, leaders, and influencers to discuss topics that impact the future. Tickets can be obtained on the Sympla website, and seats are limited.


Under the theme "Gender and Cultural Disorders," the guests will engage with the audience in reflecting on the processes of decolonizing imaginations. They will provide insights into the intersections of culture, feminism, and decoloniality as tools in the construction of a new civilizational framework for the future. This edition serves as a prelude to the Women of the World WOW Rio Festival, which takes place from October 27 to 29 at the Museum of Tomorrow.


"Bringing Françoise and Erica for a discussion at the Museum of Tomorrow is a unique opportunity to learn and amplify the foundations of decolonial thought. It is our role and our desire to promote more and more actions and activities that awaken changes in society, transformations in the present that materialize the tomorrows we desire," emphasizes Bruna Baffa, General Director of the Museum of Tomorrow, which is part of the network of cultural facilities of the Municipal Department of Culture.


After the conversation, the audience can participate in a book signing session featuring Françoise's works published by the Ubu publishing house, including "Decolonizing the Museum - Program of Absolute Disorder," "A Feminist Theory of Violence," and "A Decolonial Feminism." Ubu is a partner in this edition of the "Encontros para o Amanhã."