As registrations for the 6th edition of the program Girls at 10: Climate Emergencies are now open

From August 1st to August 14th, registrations are open for the 6th edition of the program 'Girls at 10: Climate Emergencies.' The program is dedicated to discussing issues related to the place of women in society and their representation in science, starting from the discussion about climate changes on the planet. Organized by the Museum of Tomorrow, with sponsorship from Engie, the project aims to promote gender equity in science and environmental literacy to address Climate Change in alignment with the United Nations (UN) 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

After two online editions, the program returns to in-person format with 40 vacancies exclusively for girls aged 10 to 16, who are residents of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The selection results will be announced at the end of August, and the meetings will take place every Saturday in September 2023. Throughout the project, the girls will have the opportunity to meet and engage in conversations with women scientists, activists, teachers, and educators who will not only share their research and journeys but also present new possibilities of futures to them.

"The increase in the representation of women in science has a catalyzing effect on girls' interest in pursuing scientific careers or related fields. Knowing this, the Museum of Tomorrow, through projects like 'Girls at 10,' aims to inspire and empower girls from an early age, connecting them with the themes of this universe," highlights Bruna Baffa, general director of the Museum of Tomorrow, which is part of the network of institutions under the Municipal Secretary of Culture.

The project had its starting point in 2017 when the Museum of Tomorrow, in partnership with UNFPA - the United Nations Population Fund, held the seminar "10 girls in shaping the tomorrows." The event was a continuation of a report produced by the Fund that pointed out how, at the age of 10, the lives of girls all over the world undergo radical transformation, being the initial moment of their choices and professional trajectories. On this occasion, the Education Program of the Museum of Tomorrow brought together ten girls between the ages of 9 and 12, from different neighborhoods and social classes in Rio de Janeiro, to think and debate the place of women and femininity in our world. The positive response to the seminar gave rise to the project "Girls at 10," a bet on the power of the encounter between girls and women with the purpose of breaking barriers and stereotypes and fostering values such as sisterhood, empathy, identification, and confidence from childhood.


'Girls at 10: Climate Emergencies'

Who can participate? Girls aged 10 to 16, residents of the city of Rio de Janeiro

Registrations until August 14th, here.