Museu do Amanhã hosts the 1st edition of the Nova Bienal Rio de Arte e Tecnologia

Starting on September 20, the Museum of Tomorrow presents a contemporary panorama of artistic creations using the technology and innovation, bringing together 70 works from 30 countries, which propose new ways of thinking and acting in respect to digital and technological tools. The first edition of the NOVA BIENAL RIO DE ARTE E TECNOLOGIA [Rio New Biennial Arts and Technology Show] presents works by 66 artists, collectives and studios, and among them, ten represent Brazil. Both indoors and outdoors in front of the Museum, at Praça Mauá, the public will be invited to experience art with augmented realities, virtual realities, works with artificial intelligence, interactive premises, machine learning, animations, gameart and videos. To touch, go through premises and integrate with the works will be possible, as in projections, in addition to composing portraits in real time, among others. The projects are divided into two themes: The New Aesthetics and Supercreativity.


The conception of the NOVA BIENAL RIO DE ARTE E TECNOLOGIA is signed by curators Ricardo Barreto and Paula Perissinotto, who are a world reference for the holding of electronic art exhibitions and the foundation of FILE – International Electronic Language Festival, held more than 20 years ago. 


Curators Ricardo Barreto and Paula Perissinotto analyze aspects making up the project: “When we think of recent Art, in the strict sense, we necessarily think of the concept of New as the engine of the arts, without which they would be merely standardized or purely marketable. (...) When we reflect on the concept of ‘Art and Technology’, we notice more than a junction between these two things, there is a fusion between the new and innovation, in this way, another form of concept arises, which we call NEW = new artistic + fusion + technological innovation”.


Inside the Museu do Amanhã, the RIO NEW BIENNIAL will occupy the Temporary Exhibition Space, until October 29, and will also bring prominent attractions in the museum's Atrium and Lounge. At Praça Mauá, in front of the Museum, a selection of works mainly prioritizing interactivity will have free access, for 12 days, from September 20 to October 01.   


"The innovative proposal of the Nova Bienal Rio de Arte e Tecnologia connects with our mission, brings together works integrating us with the environment and ecosystems, brings a rich diversity of artists and themes aiming at instigating visitors. As Rio de Janeiro stage of all this artistic potential exploring the most advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, is another opportunity to work on urgent issues in a playful way with our target groups. In addition, most of the works invite the public to interact, explore the senses and sensorial experience to construct meanings”, explains Bruna Baffa, General Director of the Museum of Tomorrow which is part of the museums network of the City Department of Culture. 


NEW is sponsored by Shell, through the Brazilian Culture Incentive Law: "New celebrates all the diversity of art and technology having a program that values innovation, stimulates reflection and promotes the exchange of knowledge, contributing to one of the company's commitments to society, which is the development of citizenship through culture," says Glauco Paiva, executive manager of Communication and Social Responsibility at Shell Brasil. 


Check out top indoor and outdoor attractions of Museum of Tomorrow


In the theme "The New Aesthetics", the following stand out: the game The Great Adventure Of Material World, novel product in Brazil, by the Chinese Lu Yang, which uses film mechanisms with 3D animations, holograms, motion capture performances, among other resources. The work Capture, by Finnish artist Hanna Haaslahti, allows the visitor to create their own digital avatar and interact with a virtual crowd.


In the experimental film Cycles of Creation, Guli Silberstein presents an alternative and fictional history of the creation of the world, developed through Stable Diffusion Artificial Intelligence; Brazilian Gabriel Massan uses his experience in 3D animation development to create entire virtual ecosystems based on the concept of “Critical Fantasy”, by writer Saidiya Hartman; and Petting Zoo, a Minimaforms project, creates a robotic environment with creatures endowed with artificial intelligences able to learn and explore behaviors through interaction with participants.


Among the art premises occupying the outdoor area and accessible to everyone who visits Mauá square, the fantastic wind-powered sculptures by Theo Jansen and the penetrable architectural structure of Numen/For Use studio stand out. In the articulated sculptures Polytope, by Brazilian artist Ludmila Rodrigues, which refers to the work ‘Bichos’ by Lygia Clark, the target groups will be able to create multiple compositions and experiment with space. During the opening, the work Rope, by Belgian artist Ief Spincemaille, will be activated by 25 participants, choreographed by Andrea Jabor. This “interactive rope” stimulates collective creativity and proposes a performance in the public space.


In the Atrium of the Museum of Tomorrow, the augmented reality works of avant-garde artists Theo Triantafyllidis and Melodie Mousset invite the visitor to interact and connect with surreal digital worlds. In Lines, by Danish artist Anders Lind, sonic experimentation is free to compose with musical instruments activated by lines, arranged along the entrance corridor of the Temporary Exhibition Space.


In the theme "Supercreativity", the issue is the constructive clash between human creativity and artificial intelligence, the following stand out: LIMINAL, by Canadian Louis-Philippe Rondeau, in which an arc of light is a metaphor for a portal in time. When the visitor passes through the arch, several versions of himself are projected on a wall, each movement generating a different unusual portrait; the German Robin Baumgarten presents Quantum Jungle, providing the playful experience of touching a wall full of metal springs and 12,000 LEDs, created from concepts of quantum physics.





Opening: Sept. 19 - 06:30 pm. 

Exhibition: between September 20 and October 29

Ranking: Free

Place: Museum of Tomorrow - Praça Mauá, 1 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20081-240

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 06 pm (with last entry at 05 pm). On Tuesdays, visitation is free. On other days, tickets cost BRL 30 in full and BRL 15 in half-price.

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